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Why Maxx Power brand?
Eastwood has launched our own brand of performance and specialty components under the Maxx Power line. These components and parts are manaufactured to our new strict quality standards so the customer is assured of proper form, fit and function of each part purchased.

Why do I need it?
We have developed these units using later model Delco Remy technology and designed a casting that will allow this performance unit to "drop-in" or bolt right in place of your existing GM alternator currently on the vehicle. This unit features higher output over existing OE units and considerably more power at idle where it is required.

  • Delco-Remy's latest technology with press-fit silicon semiconductors
  • High temp regulator set to charge at the optimal 14.5 volt
  • High temp rotor and stator windings stable up to 310°F
  • Long-life, heavy-duty carbon brushes
  • Heavy-duty, dual ball bearing construction
All assure long life, high output and quiet, vibration freeing operation.

  • Comparision between new OE Delco #1105360 10SI/DN Alternator output and the Maxx Power unit
  • Alternator output should be 45amp minimun at 1500rpm alternator speed (this is approximately 700rpm engine speed)
  • As you can see the Max Power unit puts out almost 70 amps at idle! While the OE unit is only 40amp
  • This means more power for electric fuel pumps, fans, ignition systems and stereo.

Tech Q and A
Why are there 2 pulleys in the box?
We have included the original 1-groove pulley and also a 5-groove serpentine pulley if the customer is running a serpentine belt setup.

What does One-wire mean?
This term is used to describe the type of alternator hook-up. In a one-wire application the customer only need to connect the B+ (battery charge lead) to the alternator B+ post (located on the back of the unit).

They no longer will use the 2 or 3 wire plug that was originally used on the OE factory harness.

Most enthusiasts like the one wire units because they clean up the under hood appearance and can easily be used on many vehicles.

What do I do with the un-used plug?
You can remove the plug all together or simply tape it along the harness to give a clean appearance.

Do i need to upgrade the B+ wire?
It is recommended that you run a 4-or 6-gauge B+ wire from the unit to the battery if the OE harnes is old and in poor condition.

Which wire goes to the alternator B+ terminal?
It will be the same wire that was connected to the original B+ terminal on the old alternator. This will eb the terminal with a threaded stud and nut.

Can i paint or Powder coat the unit?
Yes, you can mask the unit and apply liquid paint or disassemble and powder coat.

How does the unit mount, it looks different than my current unit?
We have designed the front aluminum casting and mount holes identical to the original GM Delcom unit so it will drop-in with no issues.

The ring terminal on my existing B+ wire does not fit the new unit threaded B+ stud?
You may have to cut and crimp a new larger ring terminal on some applications to fit the larger B+ threaded stud on the Maxx Power alternator.

My dash light does not go out?
Simply remove the wire connector at the radiator support or firewall mounted exxternal voltage regulator. This will deactivate the dash light.