Powder Coating Ovens & Lamps

Powder Coating Ovens

If you are using powder coat, applying it with the gun is only half the job. In order to get the best results you have to heat cure it properly. When the time comes, and you've outgrown your toaster oven or the old kitchen range, Eastwood has what you need to take powder coating projects to the next level.

No matter how big or small your shop is, we have professional quality ovens to fit. From the bench top 27 cubic foot oven to the monster, walk in 192 cubic foot model. Plus infrared curing lights, thermometers and more.

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600-watt replacement element for our infrared curing lamps
Only $44.99
Eastwood Non Contact Infrared Thermometer

Only $29.99

Sale $27.99

DIY Powder Gun Deluxe Kit and Oven
Includes dual-voltage powder-coat gun and infrared curing lamp system
Only $529.99
Eastwood Bench Top Powder Coating Oven

Only $99.99

Sale $89.99

1,500-watt replacement bulb for our Infrared Lamp 12054
Only $69.99
6'-tall stand provides sturdy support for our infrared lamps
Only $89.99
96-cu.-ft., 3-phase, Powder-Coating Oven for larger pieces
Only $12,999.99
Measures from -22 to +500 degreesF without contact
Only $59.99
Twin 10"x30" Infrared Lamps for curing big housings; includes stand
Only $1,399.99
Replacement element for our 6000 series infrared curing lamps
Only $79.99
10"x30" Infrared Lamp for curing big parts; includes stand
Only $749.99
12"x36" Infrared Curing System for powder-coated parts; with stand, access.
Only $799.99
10"x8" Infrared Lamp for powdercoat parts too big to cure in an oven
Only $429.99
1800-watt Infrared Lamp for curing small parts to large housings

Only $339.99

Sale $299.99

Save over separate prices when you buy both!
Only $499.99
DIY Powder Gun Elite Kit and Oven
144-cu.-ft., 3-phase, Walk-In Oven for your largest pieces; expandable
Only $17,499.00
27-cu.-ft. Bench-top Curing Oven comes to you ready to cure!
Only $5,499.99
105-cu.-ft., 1-phase, Powder-Coat Oven for larger pieces
Only $15,999.99
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