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Infrared Dual Lamp Cure System

Item #10590 Brand: Infratech

Twin 10"x30" Infrared Lamps for curing big housings; includes stand


Dual-Lamp Infrared Powdercoat Curing System cures twice the area of our single-head model, to work faster For curing large powder-coated workpieces, there's no easier or faster way to do it than under this Dual-Lamp Infrared Powder-Coating Curing System.
  • Cures area up to 36" x 36"
  • Dual 6000-amp infrared lamp heads
  • Total output of 37,700 BTUs
  • Separate on/off switches

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About Infrared Dual Lamp Cure System

Dual 6000-amp infrared lamp heads are attached to 12" extension arms on a 2" steel, powder-coated stand with four 4" locking casters. Both lamps are each about 12" tall, 36" wide, and are wired together, but have separate on/off switches. 25'-long power cord with 25-amp, straight-blade, 220v AC plug.


Dual Infrared Lamps
6' Metal Stand with Casters
Instructions with Cure Charts


Do not focus the light on combustible materials. Do not operate the light unless it is securely attached to the supplied stand.