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Eastwood Soda Blast Retrofit Kit on Clarke Pressure Blaster
Eastwood Soda Blast Retrofit Kit on ALC Pressure Blaster
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POTTSTOWN, PA - October 19, 2007: The Eastwood Company, an international supplier of unique automotive products, has released its new portable Soda Blaster and Retrofit Kit designed for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. Environmentally friendly Soda Blasting has been the preferred paint removal solution for experts and novices in place of caustic chemical paint stripping. Blasting non-toxic Bicarbonate Soda removes coatings from various metals including aluminum, chrome, softer metals, stainless steel, and fiberglass without scratching or warping like traditional abrasives. Soda particulate strips paint while preserving the substrate metal. Bicarbonate Soda is also known as an effective cleaner and degreaser of automotive parts including brake and engine parts. Minimal prep time and simple cleanup with a soapy water solution allows more time for painting. Metal trim, rubber, fiberglass, and glass all can be left unmasked without fear of abrasive damage. High velocity soda particles strike and shatter into a dusty film as paint is removed. The light protective film shelters the original metallic finish ready for an easy rinse and painting. A vehicle, immediately after blasting, can be safely stored in a clean, dry area for six weeks, or longer, to protect against rust buildup until ready to repaint. Although soda blasting is not an application for eliminating rust, it does efficiently remove flash rust. In spite of the long lasting benefits, many do-it-yourself enthusiasts have refrained from purchasing soda blasters for two reasons.

Soda blasting has not been an affordable alternative for hobbyists. Many commercial 100-pound units with industrial compressors are typically priced from $1,799-$9,000. Truck mounted, commercial blasters charge $350, or more to come to your site before adding time and materials. With many blasters commercially priced out of range for the average person, smaller and less expensive models have been another option. Light portable blasters are easier to operate but have offered very limited media storage of 10 lbs.

Eastwood's Research and Development team has developed a versatile 2-in-1 soda and standard abrasive blaster (EW#50095) that requires a small compressor generating 6 CFM at 80 to 125 PSI to operate. Priced under $250 and weighing approximately 43 lbs, it stores up to 100 lbs of soda media. Less time can be spent refilling tanks for multi-purpose jobs. Eastwood also offers a 110 lb Professional unit (EW#50096) designed for the heavy-duty.

For those who already own a standard abrasive blaster, a retrofit kit offers the ability to transform an existing unit into a dual soda/abrasive option. The owner can switch to either mode causing no harm to the blaster. It takes only about 15 minutes to convert the units back to abrasive blasting. The individual Retrofit Kits are designed to be compatible with Clarke®, BRUT™, ALC™ and Harbor Freight® Pressure Blasters from 50 lbs to 300 lbs units, with 3/8" (EW#50093) to 1/2" (EW#50094) NPT Fittings, U.S. Patent Pending and priced under $130.

Soda blasting is a recommended application for many types of vehicle restoration including:

  • Classic, Muscle, and Hot Rod
  • Corvette & other Fiberglass bodied vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Engine/Transmission Rebuilds
  • Military Vehicles, Airplanes, and Boats

The Eastwood Company offers a range of specialized tools and finishes for hobby and professional applications. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog, go to www.eastwoodco.com.