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Introducing OxiSolv: A New, Fast-Acting Rust Remover

POTTSTOWN, PA, MARCH 1 1999 -- The Eastwood Company, a leading supplier of quality tools and supplies for restoration and customization enthusiasts, announced today its newly-formulated Eastwood Brand OxiSolv Rust Remover.recommended). It works very effectively on steel and iron.

New OxiSolv is now available in 16 oz. (Item-no #16025), 1 gal. (Item-no #16027), and convenient 20 oz. spray bottle (Item-no #16026) containers. OxiSolv Rust Remover comes ready to apply right out of the bottle. It can be sprayed, brushed, or used as a parts dip. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, reusable, convenient to use, and environmentally friendly.

This product, as well as other rust prevention supplies, are included in Eastwood's monthly catalog.

The Eastwood Company is proud to offer a wide range of automotive tools and supplies for hobby and professional applications. For more information on The Eastwood Company, their products, or to request a free copy of their full-color catalog, go to