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Refinishing Plastic Tail Light Lenses

We had recently purchased a late-model used car that had seen too many trips through a brush-style car wash...a no-no for any real car enthusiast. But for most people, those time-saving, discount gas station car wash machines are just too easy.

The whole car had taken on a patina from the swirling automated car wash brushes. We knew we would be able to restore the paint work in short order with Eastwood products, but we wanted to concentrate at this time on the plastic tail light, head light and decorative trim. The objective was to rejuvenate these areas to a "like-new" finish. We selected AutoSol Polish for this project.

We first set about to carefully wash the entire vehicle, eliminating dirt, grit and contamination. Turning our attention to the tail lights, we applied AutoSol by hand. We applied a small amount to a clean, dampened cloth, and, with only a small amount of pressure and elbow grease, we could see our tail light lenses rejuvenate right before our eyes. A quick final polish with a clean rag had all but eliminated the car wash brush marks.

If you're interested in a solution that's even less work, try the complete Autosol Headlight Restoration and Refinishing Kit. Apply the AutoSol to the tail light lenses with a damp rag. Use the included Eastwood loose 4" Buff Wheel attached to a Wheel Arbor on your electric drill. Buff the surface at 90° angles. Be sure to occasionally check for heat build-up. Though you'll most likely find very little, better to be aware of the potential for heat build-up than to not pay attention at all. Within a few minutes your tail light lenses will be transformed to like-new condition.

After the tail lights, we turned our attention to the plastic head light lenses that suffered from the same problem as the tail light lenses. AutoSol cut through the dullness in short order. Deeper stone chips could not be removed, but, overall, our head lights were as clear as ever.

Next, we applied the same procedures to detail the car's ornamental plastic grille. The results were equally wonderful! AutoSol has many excellent applications on metals, too.