Air Lines, Hoses and Reels

So you have the compressor, and you have all the air tools you need, how do you hook them up? Whether you want to run soft lines to occasionaly use an impact gun on stubborn fasteners, or you need to plumb your entire shop with hard lines and multiple air outlets, Eastwood has you covered. Our FastPipe kits lets you quickly plumb any size shop in a fraction of the time if would take with traditional pipe. Just working out of a small shop? Get one of our retractable reels and your compressed air source is almost always within reach. We've also got other plumbing solutions, and all the fittings you will ever need for your air system.

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Eastwood 3/8"-dia. Air Hose resists oil, solvents, weather
Only $8.99
Fast Pipe 1 Inch 235 foot Kit
Fast Pipe 1 Inch 100 foot Kit
Eastwood 3/8"-dia. Air Hose resists oil, solvents, weather

Starting at: $6.99

3/8" Goodyear® air hose resists oils, solvents, temperature extremes

Starting at: $6.29

Easily manage your air hose in your shop or home garage

Only $109.99

Sale $99.99

Brass "quick" couplers, for fast connects/disconnects of 1/4" NPT tools
Everything you need to plumb your shop with 3/4" tubing, 3 air outlets
Use these 10 clamps with the Eastwood 3/4" Compressed-Air System
Low pressure drop and high air flow for all air tools; male/female 1/4" NPT
Plumb your shop air lines easily with our complete compressed-air kit
Add multiple air line outlets to help you work more easily with air tools
Combines desiccant drying with built-in dirt and oil aerosol filters

Only $34.99

Sale $27.99

As low as: $25.19
Use this outlet kit with the Eastwood 3/4" Compressed Air System
Polyethylene wrapped around aluminum; flexible and very durable
Fast Pipe 1 Inch Wall Outlet 1/2 Inch Female NPT
Fast Pipe Connector 1 In tube to 1/2 In Male NPT
Fast Pipe 1 Inch Tee F2005
Fast Pipe 1 Inch Elbow F2003
Fast Pipe 1 Inch Union F2002
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