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USC High-Build Primer/Surfacer Gallon

Item #50776ZP Brand: US Chemical

Highly durable primer/surfacer for fiberglass, aluminum, prepped steel


USC High-Build Primer/Surfacer is as tough and durable as they come Premium high-build polyester formulation is a highly durable primer/surfacer you can use on fiberglass, aluminum and properly prepared steel.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Very high fill
  • Superior solvent resistance
  • Fast dry to sand
  • Sprayable

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About USC High-Build Primer/Surfacer Gallon

Premium high build formulation is a polyester primer-surfacer which can be used on fiberglass, aluminum and properly prepared steel. Eliminator HB has excellent adhesion, very high fill and superior solvent resistance when properly cured. On fiberglass it replaces damaged gel coat. This tough and durable coating resists stone chipping and abrasion and will fill 36 grit grinder marks in 2 to 3 coats. Cured primer in non-shrinking and compatible all automotive topcoats and meets all VOC regulations. 1 gallon includes 4oz liquid hardener


1-gallon can, with 4-oz. liquid hardener

MSDS Sheet

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