Customer Rides - Getting Ready For Spring

Many restoration enthusiasts put their projects to bed in the late fall, and in what's become a sure sign of the season, bring them back to life six weeks after the groundhog sees his shadow.

We interviewed three fans as they prepared to remove their cars from winter storage about their plans for the upcoming car show season:

Dan G. - 1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 Convertible

"My very first car in high school was a red 1971 Camaro, and this is my third. I've always had a thing for Camaros," said Dan. He bought his pride and joy from a family friend. "Before he sold it to me, he made me promise to keep it in mint condition, so I've only replaced two things - I got a B&M 5 speed shifter and a new radio. I kept the original parts in case I ever need to reinstall them." Dan bought a GPS over the winter and plans to spend the summer tooling around the back roads of Pennsylvania. "Now that I have the GPS, I can just take off and drive without worrying about how I'll get back."

Dan has used Eastwood products extensively to maintain his car. His purchases included the Final Finish System Kit for chip repair, Vinyl And Dashboard Repair Kit, Silver and Black Rust Encapsulator, Ceramic Brake Caliper Paints, and a Covercraft Weather Shield.

Joe K. - 1997 SVT Cobra Mustang

Joe acquired his ’97 Mustang Cobra after an exhausting two-year search. "I had a clear idea of the car I wanted and wasn't willing to make any compromises," said Joe. Since purchasing the car, Joe has made a lot of modifications, including dressing it up with new chrome Cobra R Wheels, off-road H-pipe, a BBK Cold Air Induction System and a Ford Super Chip. He's planning on repainting the car with Auto Air Chameleon but he doesn't anticipate driving it much. Joe's Cobra is strictly a show car, not a daily driver (although he is willing to let it loose on the track occasionally).

Joe has also used Eastwood products to help maintain the Cobra. He's used our Original Hotcoat Powder-Coating Gun to powder-coat the strut tower bar. He's also used our DeWalt® High-Speed Polisher to buff out his finish, and Simichrome Polish to make his aluminum and chrome shine.

Craig H. - 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe

Craig found his Plymouth in remarkably good shape, particularly the chassis and frame. Craig actually uses the Plymouth as his daily driver during the warm weather months. Craig said, "This ’49 Plymouth came from Hoover Motors in Columbus Ohio. The production run at that plant lasted only two days, so this car is pretty unique."

To date, he's restored the interior, replaced the hood, and used our R&D shop to powder-coat much of the trim. He plans on redoing the head liner and replacing all the interior trim and dash gauges. When asked what Craig's next project would be, he answered with certainty, "This is it for me. I found a car I like so I'll stick with it."