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Pro Air 40 Full Face Mask Pro

Pro Air 40 Full Face Mask Pro

Item #34050

2-stage turbine pumps air thru a 40' FDA-approved breathing hose
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Painting in enclosed areas? Don't take chances with your lungs. Hobbyair and Citation Systems pump a steady flow of fresh, outside air into paint booths and other confined work areas for maximum protection against isocyanates,vocs, particulates and other toxins. The Hobbyair is designed around a reliable 2-stage turbine. It provides breathing air to a full or half face mask through a 40ft kink-resistant FDA approved hose. It's lightweight, silicone rubber face masks are FDA approved as well. Has beltline hookup and snap-tight fittings.

  • Pro Air Standard Output Air Pump
  • 40' of Hose
  • Full Facemask
  • Beltline Hookup
  • The User Receives plenty of cool fresh air to the Mask
  • NIOSH Approved for use in any environment not immediately dangerous to life and health.

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About Pro Air 40 Full Face Mask Pro

Working in closed areas? Don't take chances with your lungs! These Hobbyair systems deliver a steady supply of fresh, outside air while you work inside. The lightweight facemask, beltline hookup and snap-tight fittings combine to make this respirator system not only safe but comfortable and easy to wear. Fresh, ambient air is fed from a remote two-stage pump, via 40 feet of FDA- approved, kink-resistant hose, to the silicone rubber facemask. Motor runs on standard 110V AC current. All fittings are made of stainless steel and brass. NIOSH-approved units. Limited 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


This NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) approved unit does not include an air pressure gauge as it's no longer required for NIOSH approval.

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