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True Power Air Polisher Kit

Item #31579 Brand: True Power

Polish metal parts and plastic headlights
Only $29.99


This kit has been specially designed for polishing automotive and engine parts.

  • Polish automotive parts to a chrome like finish
  • Ideal for Headlight restoration
  • Perfect for wheel restoration
  • Accepts 1/4" shanks for buffs

The tool will pay for itself in 1 or 2 restorations. Ideal for restoring aluminum and magnesium Rims, Engine Parts, Motorcycle Parts and Plastics (1800 RPM's). Easily removes clear coats from weathered wheels. Create CUSTOM looks on parts by giving them a polished or a Flat finish. Restores damaged polycarbonate headlamps; (Must use tool at low rpm. 1800 max for plastic).

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1 Air Polisher
2 Air tool Wrenches
4 Buffing compound Sticks
4 Buff Wheels


Always wear proper safety equipment before using this Tool.


90 Day Warranty
Eastwood 100% satisfaction guarantee

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