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    Panel Holding System (clecos)

    Item #19074 Brand: Eastwood

    Holders grip sheet metal parts
    before final welding...hands-free


    Your "third hand" holds 2 panels together while you rivet or weld Panel-holding system uses the same kind of handy blind holders used by custom car builders to secure sheet metal parts.
    • Ideal prep for fabricating, riveting and welding
    • Allows for proper alignment and fit
    • For sheet metal or fiberglass panels
    • Easy to use

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    About Panel Holding System (clecos)

    "We have all heard the old saying, 'If I only had three hands...' Well, here they are. This panel-holding system helped me earn a cool 20 grand on a complete resto of a ’66 Chevy pick-up. Eastwood has lots of cool tools, and best of all they work, and the warranty is great too. Something so simple, and yet it works so well...imagine that."

    — Roger, New Tazewell, TN


    Panel-Holding System includes 10 blind holders, 2 side grip holders, and a compression pliers.


    Drill a 1/8" hole through both panels and insert fastener. Grip range is up to 1/4", with nearly 20 lbs. of holding power. Side-grip fasteners included for edge work.

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