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    Undercoating Gun and 2 Hoses & Bottle

    Item #20441 Brand: Eastwood

    Rustproof like a pro...apply materials
    as easily as pulling a trigger


    Rustproof like a pro—Undercoating Gun makes applying undercoating materials as easy as pulling a trigger Undercoating Gun Kit comes in very handy when you need to apply our Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust, Rubberized Undercoating and Spray-on Bedliners.
    • Rustproof inside rocker panels, inner fenders and other closed box sections
    • Two 24" flexible wands each have straight and 90-degree spray tips
    • Requires 40-60 psi @ 5-6 cfm

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    About Undercoating Gun and 2 Hoses & Bottle

    Apply Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust (not included) directly from the adjustable gun nozzle, or replace the nozzle with one of the two 24"-long, 7/16"-dia. flexible wands with straight and 90-degree spray tips. For Rubberized Undercoating (not included), spray it directly through the attached gun nozzle; extension wands are not recommended for use with undercoating. One-year mfr's. warranty. Made in Italy.


    Multi-Use Undercoating Gun with 2 flexible wands and plastic bottle


    16017ZP Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust (Qt.)
    29836 Rigid Wand (16")
    16008ZP Rubberized Undercoating
    16003A Extra Plastic Bottle
    16003B 1/2" Unibit® Drill Bit
    16004 1/2" Plugs (25)

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