How to Install a Battery Disconnect Switch (part #25053Q)


Battery Shutoff Switch w/Instructions


Installation Instructions

  1. 1. Be certain all accessories on vehicle are off(i.e., interior lights, under hood lights, etc.)
  2. 2. Remove Battery Cable from Negative Battery Post.
  3. 3. Clean Battery Post and inside Cable End.
  4. 4. Slip Clamp end of Switch onto Negative Battery Post and tighten securely.
  5. 5. Slip Battery Cable onto post end of Switch and tighten securely.

To Disconnect:
- Turn green knob 1/2 turn counterclockwise.

To Reconnect:
- Turn green knob clockwise until secure.

To Prevent Unauthorized Vehicle Use:
- Turn green knob counterclockwise and remove.

´╗┐Note: To preserve vehicle computer settings or radio station settings, install Fuse Link (#25049) when battery is disconnected. This will allow enough current through to maintain settings, but will not allow vehicle to start.