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Eastwood Blast Cabinet Foot Pedal Gun Replacement Nozzles

Item #21135 Brand: Eastwood

Replacement nozzles for the 21133 Blast Cabinet Gun
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2 Replacement nozzles for the Eastwood Blast Cabinet Foot Pedal and Gun kit. 6mm orifice for optimal media and air consumption.

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(2) 6mm replacement nozzles


Minimum air requirment: 7.1 CFM @ 90 PSI
Optimum operation requirments: 10.25 CFM @ 115PSI
6mm Nozzle


1. Remove Knurled Brass Ring from the end of the Blast Gun Body and remove Ceramic Nozzle.
2. Inspect interior condition of Ceramic Nozzle for excessive erosion and replace if worn.
3. Insert replacement Ceramic Nozzle with larger conical end inward.
4. Replace Knurled Brass Ring.


WARNING: Blasting emits abrasive under pressure. Adequate respiratory eye and body protection must be worn during use. Inhalation of silica based media particles have been known to cause cancer and other deadly diseases, and must be avoided. Wear NIOSH approved respiratory protection while operating this equipment.

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