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Fairmount Tools 12 Piece Bearing Splitter Puller Kit

Item #31472 Brand: Fairmount Tools

Pulls and separates bearings and gears
Only $44.99


The Fairmount 12 Piece Bearing Splitter/Puller Kit includes all the components required to pull and separate bearings and gears from transmission shafts, differential assemblies and other automotive components.

This tool, constructed of robust, high-strength steel alloy forgings, will provide years of reliable service.

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(1) 6” Yoke
(1) 9/16” Pressure Screw
(2) 2” Bearing Separator Jaws
(2) 3” Bearing Separator Jaws
(2) 4” Hex Posts, Male/Male
(2) 5” Hex Posts, Male/Male
(2) 4” Hex Post Extensions, Male/Female
(2) 5” Hex Post Extensions, Male/Female
(1) Heavy-Duty, Blow Molded Case


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Thoroughly read and understand these product instructions before using the Puller. Always Wear proper safety equipment when using this tool.


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