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MIG135 Knurled Drive Roller (Set Screw Style)

Item #13790 Brand: Eastwood

V-groove for 0.023" solid wire; knurled for 0.030"-0.035" flux core

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This drive roller fits the Eastwood MIG135 Welder and is a knurled replacement for the original drive roller. This roller has one V groove side for 0.023" (0.6mm) solid wire and one knurled side for 0.030" (0.8mm) to 0.035" (0.9mm) flux cored wire.

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About MIG135 Knurled Drive Roller (Set Screw Style)

Drive roller roller size specifications

  • OD- 0.781
  • ID- 0.325
  • Thickness- 0.475

  • Contents

    Includes: 1 Knurled Drive roller for the MIG135.


    Easily installs by loosening the set screw in the original drive roller,sliding it off the drive shaft and sliding the knurled roller on, finalized by tightening the set screw.


    Make sure unit is turned off and unplugged before attempting to install this drive roller.

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