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Underhood Paints and Coatings

When you bring your restored muscle car or hot rod to a show, you know that other classic car nuts will want to lift the hood. By using Eastwood underhood paints, you'll be sure they're gazing at the power plant rather than at rust and stains.

How to Do An Under Hood Restoration on A Classic Truck

If you’re looking for specialty paints and coatings you can probably get them at Eastwood. We’re going to show you we restored the entire engine compartment on a 1979 Ford Pickup Truck.....READ MORE

Rust Converter vs. Rust Encapsulator

Let’s face it, we all have rust issues to deal with. Some projects are better than others, but it’s hard to find a project car or truck that has no rust at all, even if it comes out of the Arizona desert. Eastwood makes many products for dealing with different rust issues. Two of the best and most used products we offer are the Rust Converter and the Rust Encapsulator line of products.....READ MORE

Not all Spray Paints are created Equal- Radiator Black over Standard Spray Paint

For a long time the standard for a radiator in any production car was for it to be coated in a black paint applied at the factory. Over the years we’ve come to sort of expect the radiator to be hid behind the grill. A shiny silver radiator stands out like a sore thumb and takes away from the lines of the front of a car that the car designers worked so hard to make. As years have gone on you may need to replace the radiator or maybe you’re doing a restoration on an original car and you want that original look. It’s quick and easy to spray your radiator with any old black paint or even the engine paint you’re using. These paint’s won’t give you the results you want and could actually decrease the cooling efficiency of your radiator. Below we dive a little deeper into painting your radiator....READ MORE

Choosing the Correct Coating for your Exhaust Manifolds

Using Pneumatic pressure to operate tools is an absolute must in your garage, but most of these tools DO NOT like excessive moisture mixed into the air. Moisture in the air lines can cause rust the inside of the air tank or air lines or even your air tools. Excessive moisture in your shop air can cause a decrease in performance as well as premature failure of the pneumatic tool. If you’re using a paint gun it can also allow the moisture to creep into the paint gun and contaminate your paint job. We decided to put together a list of the reasons and corrections to cut down the moisture in your air lines....READ MORE

When you're working with hot metal, an ordinary workshop table is apt to crash and burn under the pressure - sometimes literally. Eastwood welding tables and work stands are designed to handle the heavy loads and heat that are common with welding or plasma cutting projects. Made of heavy-gauge steel, ssthese welding benches have elevated work surfaces that you can set doors, fenders or hoods directly on while working. You'll be more comfortable and more effective than if you're slouched over on a concrete floor.

We carry several styles of welding tables for DIYers who need a good place to work. Eastwood has folding welding stands that store easily when not in use, adjustable welding tables that can be set at different angles and slatted plasma cutting tables that make it easy to clamp projects in place. Turn your fender stand into a welding workstation with a work stand welding top or get a fixturing set-up table for precision fabrication. In addition to the welding stands and accessories developed by our R&D guys, Eastwood also carries a number of CertiFlat modular fabrication table kits for projects of any size. Customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed on all of our welding equipment.


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