Eastwood's Rust Converter

A Rust Restoration Miracle

What is Rust Converter exactly?

Eastwood's Rust Converter is a unique acidic paint that actually converts rust into an inert iron oxide. You can watch it work: from its original color, it will gradually turn blue/black as it stabilizes rust. The perfect first step in sealing your rusty metal surfaces.

How do I ensure my project is fully protected from rust?

Get the ultimate in corrosion protection with an easy 3-step process:

  • 1. Prime — Use Rust Converter as a base coat for excellent penetration and adhesion to rusty metal.

  • 2. Encapsulate — Next, apply Rust Encapsulator to protect against further rusting, fill pinholes and other surface irregularities, and for excellent UV resistance.

  • 3. Seal — For the best, longest-lasting protection against rust, chipping, and scratches, topcoat with one of our Chassis Black paints to fully seal the metal against the elements.

Rust Converter is compatible with most polyester body fillers, and is water-based for extra safety as compared to solvent-based coatings. One quart of Rust Converter will cover about 50 square feet.

What makes Eastwood Rust Converter better than others?

Rust converters work by initiating a chemical reaction that transforms rust into a more stable iron oxide. Eastwood Rust Converter is a highly effective and active rust converter that is optimized for the best possible results. Other rust converters go on thick and have a tendency to create pores that can allow rust to start again. Eastwood Rust Converter has been formulated to be the best.

When do I use Rust Encapsulator and when do I use Rust Converter?

For best results, use Rust Encapsulator over Rust Converter. Rust Converter is intended for heavier rust. Also the Rust Encapsulator allows you to choose among red, black, silver, and other colors, providing a base primer that maximizes coverage of your top coat.

The Rust Converter provides an excellent, tough, durable, and chemically stable base to be applied under Rust Encapsulator for the ultimate corrosion protection. This double-coat technique both actively converts and encapsulates the surface for the most durable protection, while promoting excellent topcoat adhesion. Additionally, Eastwood Rust Converter is the best base prep to address rust on internal surfaces uncovered during panel replacement. Being water-based, it's safer to weld near than solvent-based coatings.

What is the difference between Rust Encapsulator and Converter?

Actually they’re two very different products.

Rust Encapsulator is very effective at penetrating through firmly adhering rust down to the base metal, and it forms a nice base for additional coats. The availability of a wide range of colors in both aerosol and quart cans makes this ideal for many applications. Its ability to fill minor surface irregularities minimizes the need for additional primers, and speeds prep for topcoats.

Eastwood Rust Converter, on the other hand, is an two-part acidic paint that converts rust on steel and iron to an inert blue/black iron oxide. It transitions from its original color to a bluish black as it does its job of converting the surface. It forms a thin coating that requires additional primers to seal and level the surface.