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Clean Up

Cleaning the Gun

When you are finished using a particular color, you must clean the gun before using another color. To clean the unit, unplug it so no voltage is in the unit. To discharge the gun, touch the emitter to the ground clip. Disconnect the air supply. To avoid moisture pickup, DO NOT store powder in the gun-mounted cup!

Now the gun is safe to handle. Unscrew the cup, pour the remaining powder back into the can. Using compressed air, clean the discharge and pick up tubes, cup, static tubes, and deflector thoroughly with no more than 30 psi compressed air. (TIP: use clean disposable gloves during all gun cleaning operations). With your disposable nitrile or vinyl gloves on, gently twist off the deflector and remove the three static tubes. Using your blow gun, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of all the static tubes and deflector. You may also find it convenient to use the Engine Cleaning Brush Set (#46035). It is important to keep your dust mask on while cleaning the gun.

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to recycle the powder that landed on the floor. Only pure, uncontaminated powder is to be returned to the storage can. Powder collected on a clean tarp or from a clean box can be recycled if it is strained through a paint strainer.

Keep the powder can tightly closed to prevent moisture absorption. Mixing with other powders and dust can cause pits in the surface. Do not use solvents when cleaning your powder coating system. The gun and components are to be cleaned with compressed air only.

Direct air into the nozzle and the pick up tube to make sure no powder remains. The only other cleaning necessary is to clean up the powder on the floor or workspace.

WARNING: Powder dust in heavy concentrations is potentially flammable! Due to a possible explosion risk never use an electric vacuum, shop vac, or wet/dry vac, to clean up powder!

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