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How It Works
Electrostatically charged powder will adhere to a grounded metal part. The part is then heated to 350° - 400°F and the powder melts and "flows out" forming a durable finish upon cooling. Just follow the easy 3 step process.
Pressure blasting is the solution when parts are too big to fit into a cabinet and need to be abrasive blasted. Shown here is the model 110 (#22011).
Start with a bare metal  part able to withstand 400°F.
Remove any heat sensitive  components such as gaskets,   rubber  bushings, etc.
Part preparation is similar to  that of conventional coatings:
   Remove all coatings, rust, dirt  and grease from part     abrasive & blasting and/or chemical stripping is commonly used
   Degrease thoroughly until dry.
   Mask part where needed using specialty high temperature plugs,     masking tape or aluminum foil.
The combination of the HotCoat Pro Powder Coating Gun (#58100), and the 1600 Reclaim Spray Booth (#58127) makes applying powder extremely fast. Coat the part in minutes, and the recycle the unused powder.
Just fill the gun cup 1/3 full - plug into electric and air service, ground part,  turn the spray booth on, and start spraying. You'll be finished in minutes!
Typically only one coat is necessary.
The HotCoat Pro Model 1100 applies most types of powders consistently,   and quicker with average film builds of 2-3 mils.
Minimal operator training required for professional results.
•No runs, drips or sags - problems usually found with liquid coatings
•Environmentally Friendly - no solvents or hazardous material  disposal problems.
•Easy clean up - overspray can be  swept up, application gun is cleaned  using compressed air.
Minimal safety issues.
Our expandable Model 446 Walk-In Oven (#11813) offers the opportunity to grow your powder coating operation in the future. Just bolt on the additional module and double the capacity!

Most parts cure in as quickly as 15-20 minutes at  300°-400°F.
Part is ready to be placed in service as soon as it has been  cooled.
Minimal VOC's during cure process.

Finished Bike

Start to Finish (including disassembly and reassemble of bike) = 3.5 hours


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