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Getting Started in Powdercoating

Eastwood's HotCoat Powdercoating System is the top choice of professionals and hobbyists alike. The Eastwood HotCoat Deluxe kit includes the HotCoat powder coating system, high temperature silicone plugs, high temperature tape, moisture filter, safety wire, 3 cups and lids, plus your choice of any two 8-ounce containers of standard powder colors.

Powder coating at home is easy, safe, and very inexpensive. For as little as $125, you can start powder coating anything from valve covers to wheels. Powder coating requires very little additional equipment: an air compressor and an old oven are all you need to get started. For those who require a more versatile solution, the Pro Model 1100 is the professionals' choice for fast, consistent results.

58100 HotCoat Pro Model 1100 System

58144 Beginning Powder Coater's Handbook

10198 Original HotCoat Powder Coating Gun

Complete list of powder coating accessories

#58144 Beginning Powder Coater's Handbook

Complete list of Powder
Coating Accessories