Eastwood Select

Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Preparing to Powder Coat

Filling the gun with powder

Use a clean sheet of paper or a funnel to pour the powder into the cup. Fill the cup no more than 1" or 2" with your color of choice. See photo.

Tip: Handle powder as if you were handling liquid paint. Use clean disposable gloves when handling powder to avoid contamination. Keep powder containers tightly closed.

Attaching the Air Supply to the Gun

Connect a low pressure air line to the gun. The gun requires .5 or more cfm at 5 - 10 psi, with 8 psi being ideal. If you do not have an air compressor, a portable air tank with regulator can be used. The air must be moisture and oil free. Caution: Never exceed the 10 psi!

Connecting the Ground Clip

Connect the ground clip to the part you are powder coating. Grounding the part provides a path for static charges to dissipate. Touch gun emitter to ground clip after each time activator switch is released! See photo.

Checking the Gun Spray Pattern

Note: Before using the gun make sure that the 3 static tubes are in place and deflector installed. Pull the gun trigger to check the pattern. Unlike regular paint guns, the HotCoat® gun creates a fog of charged particles. See photo.

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