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Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Pitted Finish
  • Make sure part is completely cleaned of all contaminants with Metal Wash (#10120) or PRE Painting Prep (#10041Z).

Coating Porous Materials

  • In some cases, contaminants in porous materials will cause pits in the powder. If this occurs remove the powder coat with Eastwood's Paint Remover, rinse with water, and spray with PRE Painting Prep. Porous cast iron, die cast, cast aluminum, and magnesium parts trap contaminants that, when heated, will outgas and cause porosity problems when the powder is cured. To avoid this follow preheating instructions (see below).


  • To prevent porosity from occurring, preheat the part. The time that a part needs to be preheated varies with size. Preheat to between 200°F and 400°F. Use PRE Painting Prep to remove the newly exposed contaminants. Wipe the part repeatedly until no further contaminants come off on a clean white rag. Let the part cool to room temperature before applying the powder.

Orange Peel

  • "Orange Peel" is a rough surface resembles the surface condition that texture of an orange. A certain amount of orange peel is unavoidable especially with polyester based powders. An orange peel condition can often be removed by sanding the part with 400 grit sand paper (wet or dry) and finishing as you would conventional liquid finishes. If you want to buff by hand use Autosol polish. Another cause of rough finish condition is excessive powder build up. You will know if powder build up occurs because the powder will start to stand on its end like hair. If this happens, stop applying powder and with light air pressure blow off some of the powder. If powder does not apply evenly due to moisture build up, replace moisture trap on gun and use fresh powder. Cured powder can be finished in the same manner as liquid paint.

Poor Spray Pattern

  • If the gun does not spray, the air pressure could be too low. Moisture could be clogging the Disposable Filter (#34066). Replace if necessary. The level of powder in the cup should be at least one inch deep from the bottom of the cup to flow efficiently through the gun.

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