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TruePower 1lb, 2lb and 4lb Dead Blow Hammer Set

Item #31876 Brand: True Power

Perfect hammers for many automotive applications
Only $24.99


The hammers are used in many specialized areas, especially in automotive applications, such as frame work and hubcap installation.

  • Set includes 1 lb, 2 lb, and 4 lb hammers
  • Shot-Filled Head and steel handle
  • Covered with a non marring material that softens rebound and won't spark
  • Bright neon color makes then easy to find

These dead blow hammers have a steel handle and shot-filled head covered with non-marring material that dampens rebound and won't spark. Neon orange makes them easy to find and hard to lose.

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(1) 1 lb.Dead Blow Hammer
(1) 2 lb. Dead Blow Hammer
(1) 4 lb. Dead Blow Hammer


Always wear proper safety equipment when using this product.


90 Day Warranty

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