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Eastwood Welding Flow Meter

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Eastwood Welding Flow Meter

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Accurately measure the flow of Argon or CO2 welding shield gases with the Eastwood Flow Meter Regulator.

  • Ideal for use with both MIG or TIG welders
  • Accurately measures and displays gas flow
  • Dual calibrated Flow Meter for Argon or CO2 gases
  • Flow Meter Scale is graduated in SCFH
  • Uses U.S. Industry Standard inlet and outlet connections

The large, easy to read, shatter-resistant Flow Meter Gauge provides improved control of gas flow with quick, easy and repeatable flow adjustment.

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About Eastwood Welding Flow Meter


  • Inlet connection: CGA 580
  • Sintered bronze inlet filter
  • 2" Diameter high pressure gauge (gas cylinder pressure)
  • Inlet pressure gauge range: 0-4500 psi (0-31500KPa)
  • Gas use: Argon, Argon/CO2, CO2
  • Shielded, shatter-resistant polycarbonate Flow Meter
  • Flow Meter gauge range: 10-60 SCFH
  • Outlet connection: 5/8" x 18, internal RH thread
  • Outlet pressure (pre-set): 50 psi
  • External safety pressure relief

This Flow Meter is calibrated in SCFH. It is able to regulate gas flow of Argon, CO2 and CO2/Argon mix. Take your TIG welding to the next level by regulating your gas flow for each job, so that you are not wasting gas or supplying an insufficient amount of shielding gas to your welds.


One Flow Meter/Regulator with 2 In pressure gauge


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Always follow manufacturer's instructions for proper safety requirements when performing welding tasks.


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