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    Eastwood Contour Glazing Putty

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    Fill pinholes, sand scratches, polyester putty...even on large areas


    Fill pinholes and sand scratches with our Polyester Glazing Putty...even on large areas

    Before painting, use this glazing putty to fill pinholes and sand other minor imperfections that can ruin the look of your final finish. Use over sanded substrates, steel and galvanized steel.
    • Fills pinholes
    • Sands scratches and imperfections
    • Can be applied to large areas without distortion
    • Mix with other body fillers

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    About Eastwood Contour Glazing Putty

    Easily spreads very thin and can be sanded to an ultra-thin feather edge. Mix with body fillers to improve their spreading and sanding ability. Unlike other putties, our glazing putty can be spread over larger areas and fill without distorting contours. May be top-coated with epoxy or urethane primer. Includes 2-oz. cream hardener.


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    Thoroughly mix desired amount of material with cream hardener. Using a clean spreader, fill to desired level. Do not exceed 1/16" depth. Allow to cure for at least 15 minutes before sanding. Abrade with 80-grit and follow up with 120-180-grit to achieve desired contour. Final finish with finer abrasives. Topcoat with quality primer, such as Eastwood’s Epoxy or Urethane Primers.

    CAUTION: Do NOT return catalyzed material back into can. To avoid contamination, seal lid tightly after each use. Store in a cool dry place.


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Always apply in a well-ventilated area. Consult MSDS and product label for specific safety warnings.

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