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    Eastwood Contour Premium Body Filler

    Item #Contour Premium 13520

    1-step filler actually inhibits rust and self-etches, to save you time

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    1. Eastwood Contour Premium Body Filler .8 gal
      Item #13520ZP

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    2. Contour Premium Body Filler 25.3 oz
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    Contour™ 1-step Premium Body Filler actually inhibits rust and self-etches!

    • Rust inhibitors prevent corrosion
    • Self-etching properties create excellent adhesion
    • Superior coverage and feather-edging ability
    • 1-step process; no glazing putty required

    Save time in your shop with our "all-in-1-step" custom-blended premium body filler. It contains rust inhibitors to prevent corrosion long after painting, and its unique self-etching properties bite into the surface for maximum adhesion. A great "1-2 punch" to help finish bodywork faster and more effectively!

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    About Eastwood Contour Premium Body Filler

    Contour™ 1-step Premium Body Filler spreads smoothly and sands beautifully to eliminate pinholes, and the feather-edging properties won’t clog sandpaper. No glazing putties needed! May be top-coated with epoxy or urethane primer. Includes 2-oz. cream hardener.


    0.8-gal. can Contour Premium Body Filler<br>2-oz. Cream Hardener


    13521ZP Contour™ Glazing Putty
    13919 Eastwood Filler Spreaders
    31273 Eastwood Filler Mixing Board
    10041Z PRE Painting Prep
    31160 Dura-Block Sanding Blocks
    21538 Larry Lyles "Basic Body Repair" DVD
    43579 Dual-Action Random-Orbit Sander
    43120 Eastwood Fender Stand


    Thoroughly mix desired amount of material with cream hardener. Using a clean spreader, fill to desired level. Do not exceed 1/4" depth. Allow to cure for at least 15 minutes before sanding. Abrade with 80-grit and follow up with 120-grit to achieve desired contour. Final finish with finer abrasives. If necessary, apply Eastwood’s 13521ZP Contour™ Glazing Putty for final finishing. Topcoat with quality primer, such as Eastwood’s Epoxy or Urethane Primers.

    CAUTION: Do NOT return catalyzed material back into can. To avoid contamination, seal lid tightly after each use. Store in a cool dry place.


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when using this product. Always apply in a well-ventilated area. Consult MSDS and product label for specific safety warnings.

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