Eastwood Electric Metal Shears 18 gauge

Item #13475 Brand: Eastwood

Rotating jaws slices easily thru steel up to 18-gauge thick


Electric Metal Shears with rotating jaws slices easily through steel up to 18-gauge thick If you've ever tried to saw through heavy-gauge steel, you know how difficult it can be to produce a clean cut. This tool will save a lot of sweat, and slice cleanly through up to 18-gauge steel.
  • Jaws rotate 360 degrees to cut straight or irregular shapes
  • Variable 0-2500-rpm speed
  • Replaceable blades give this tool longer life

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About Eastwood Electric Metal Shears 18 gauge

These electric sheet metal shears have replaceable, high-speed-steel cutting blades and rotating jaws let you easily cut straight, round or irregular shapes. Blade removes a curl of metal about 3/16" wide, without deforming your workpiece. Heavy-duty, drill-type, 120v motor. UL- and CUL-listed. 90-day mfr's. warranty.


Electric Metal-Cutting Shears


13474 Replacement Blade Set

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