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Metal Blackening System Set

Item #10238 Metal Blackening System

Economical black semi-gloss coats latches, hardware and other parts


  • Lets you apply factory finishes at home!
  • Economical black semi-gloss attractively coats latches, hardware, and other parts
  • Restore an OEM look with any iron or steel part in minutes
One year hassle free warranty.
Also available in Low VOC for sale in California.

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About Metal Blackening System Set

Auto makers have long used black oxide as an attractive coating for hardware. This economical black semi-gloss finish is often used on latches, hardware, brackets and many other automotive parts. Now you can reproduce the OEM look of black oxide at home! Not a paint or dye, Eastwood's Metal Blackening System provides a true OEM-type coating on any iron or steel part. It's safe and simple! Each piece takes only minutes to transform. The kit contains every thing you need: one pint of blackening concentrate, one aerosol Satin Diamond Clear, one process bottle, gloves, goggles, and detailed instructions.


The Metal Blackening system includes one pint of Blackening Solution Concentrate, 1 aerosol Satin Diamond Clear, a pair of disposable gloves, goggles, process containers, and complete instructions.


With use the blackening solution loses its strength and eventually, needs to be replaced with replacement Blackening Solution Concentrate (10113ZB). For Replacement Sealant use (10300Z) Diamond Clear Satin for Bare Metal.


Use in a well ventilated area. Read and understand all instructions.


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