Painting Accessories

Popular HotRodding uses the Concours Paint Gun

Painting Accessories

When it comes to putting down a great paint job Eastwood has it all, from soup to nuts. Get a run or drip in a moment of inattention? We've got tiny nib files and razor blades to deal with them. Looking for a way to reuse left over small quantities of paint? We sell aerosol adapters that allow you to mix your own spray can colors. Plus infrared lights to help color match collision work, air guns to dry paint quicker, and complete all-in-one prep and masking kits with everything you need to start the job right. We even sell tiny brushes to allow you to touch up chips and scratches in a paint job in the tightest spots.

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Run Razor Blocker Set
Only $34.99
Preval Custom Spray Kit 223

Only $39.99

Sale $28.88

Preval Pro Pack 227

Only $19.99

Sale $13.88

Preval Sprayer 2 Pack 225

Only $13.99

Sale $9.88

Run Razor Blocker Set

Starting at: $6.99

Run Blocks set/3
Only $25.99
Turn leftover paint into an aerosol touch-up spray gun
Only $16.79
3 sizes of disposable foam brushes -- get several sets!
Only $2.49
Disposable touch-up micro-brushes reach easily into tight spots
Only $9.99
Dress-down hardened high spots; finish with wet/dry sandpaper
Only $49.99
Run Razor
Only $10.49
Autotwirler Parts Tree

Starting at: $449.99

Learn proper gun movement and technique with Kevin Tetz and the Spray Coach
Only $21.99
Steel Speed Shape with E Coating 8" Long x 4" wide x 2"

Only $6.99

Sale $5.99

Adustable Painting Rack Stand
Only $119.99
Mixing Wand for 1 Gallon and Quart Cans
Only $8.99
Mixing Wand for 5 Gallon Pail Bucket

Only $9.99

Sale $1.88

Surface Prep Masking & Mixing Kit
Only $124.99
Devilbiss Polyester Tack Wipe Box of 12 (TCK 121)

Only $14.99

Sale $12.99

2'x3'-coverage infrared lamp for curing small painted parts; includes stand
Only $199.99
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