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The Case of the Dingy Tire

Are your vehicle tires looking a little "tired"? Don't save that bleach-type whitewall cleaner for just whitewalls. Blackwalls and raised white letter tires need cleaning too. A good strong whitewall cleaner/bleach like "Wesley's Bleche-Wite" (that's how they spell it, it's been around forever and is hard to beat) works on all tires. Following the instructions, saturate your entire tire, including black areas, whitewalls or raised white letters.

Scrub with a good whitewall brush, not a sponge, and rinse thoroughly. If you do use a tire dressing, don't use the slimy kind (we better not mention names here) as they tend to dry your tires out. Whatever you do, don't apply those types of dressings to the whitewall area since it will lead to premature browning and cracking.