Customer Rides - James' Chevy Truck

Our customers have completed some amazing projects, and they’ve shared many of them with us. We thought that seeing what other restoration buffs have done might help you with your own labor of love. Below is the story of a restoration project undertaken by an Eastwood customer and told in his own words. James is a member of Eastwood’s online forum, where he and thousands of other enthusiasts gather to share information and to ask and answer questions about their current projects. Also, be sure to check out Eastwood's Tech Library, for more helpful advice from Eastwood Experts.

“The first photo is when I brought my pride and joy home. All the pieces of the truck were present except the bed floor. When I arrived home, there was about an inch of rust particles on the trailer floor that had jarred off the truck during the trip. My wife Karen’s first impression was not as enthusiastic as mine; I think she passed out, and to this day I’m not sure she’s recovered from the initial sighting.

"The second photo is of the truck now, after 3 years of work. I’m very proud that all of the work (except upholstering the seat and installing the headliner) was done by my father-in-law and me. It was a great learning experience for me in all aspects of an automobile rebuild.

"Your catalog was a useful tool in the reconstruction of this piece of American heritage (which, by the way, is the name of my truck). My favorite purchase has been the Stainless Steel Buffing Kit. I would imagine I buffed over 500 stainless steel items, from individual bolts and screws (including every bolt in the bed floor), to the hood emblems, headlight rims, glove boxes, ashtrays, and numerous other pieces. I also restored 5 hood emblems for other truck owners, all of whom were impressed by the mirror-like finish I was able to create with this kit.”

James, Danville, KY

Eastwood Products Used

Some of the products from Eastwood James used in the restoration of this truck include: