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Fairmount Tools Tire Pressure Gauge

Item #31653 Brand: Fairmount Tools

Easy and reliable way to check tire air pressure
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The Fairmount Tire Pressure Gauge with Flex Hose and Pressure Release Valve is equipped with a Diaphragm Gauge internal mechanism which is known for high accuracy and reliability. A generous 18” long Flex Hose provides comfortable access to most tire valve locations.

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(1) 0 to 60 PSI [0 to 4 Bar] Air Pressure Indication Gauge with 18” Hose
(1) Blow Molded Plastic Case with window


• 2.5" Gauge Diameter
• Reads 0-60 PSI
• Accuracy Meets ANSI B40.1 Standard
• Readings Accurate to with in 2%
• Designed with a Diaphragm for reliable accuracy
• Shock Resistant


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Thoroughly read and understand these product instructions before using this equipment. Failure to follow all warnings can result in tool damage or serious physical injury.

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