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Hotcoat Powder Coat Gray Primer

Item #10301 Hotcoat Powder Gray Primer

Enhance durability of powder-coated finishes with this epoxy-based primer
  1. Powder Corrosion Resistant Primer 8 Oz
    Item #10301
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  2. Powder Corrosion Resistance Primer 1 Lb
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  3. Powder Corrosion Resistance Primer 25 Lb
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  4. Powder Corrosion Resistance Primer 50 Lb
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Priming with Powder - The legendary durability of powder-coated finishes is further enhanced with this epoxy based powder primer. If the utmost corrosion resistance and adhesion are important to you, you'll want to use this primer under every opaque powder we sell. (Not for use under our translucent finishes.) For best results apply to clean bare metal and place in a preheated 400-degreeF oven until flow out occurs. DO NOT cure beyond flow out as adhesion will be adversely affected. Remove from oven, cool, apply powder of choice and bake as normal.

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8 Ounce powders are packaged in plastic bottles
1 Pound powders are packaged in plastic Bags


Color: Gray
Gloss Level: Flat 3±2
Cure Temperature: 400 Degrees
Cure Time: 20 Minutes after flowout
Powder Type: Epoxy
Finish: Smooth
Coverage: 1/2 lb. of powder is approximately 10-20 sq. ft.


Allowing the Epoxy powder primer to fully cure will cause poor adhesion of the top coat. Some degree of adhesion can be restored to fully cured epoxy primer by sanding with 220 grit paper, however adhesion is always best when the top coat is applied over the partially cured primer surface.


When applying powder always apply it in a well ventilated area away from heat sparks and open flame. Always use a respirator rated for dust while applying powder. Always store powders in cool (less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit) dry (60 percent or less humidity) well ventilated area away from heat sparks and open flame.


Eastwood 100% satisfaction guarantee


CLEAN - Thoroughly strip and clean your metal part before coating. We recommend Eastwood Pre Painting Prep.

COAT - Apply using Eastwood DIY HotCoat Gun 11671A or the Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun 11676.

CURE - Cure the part in an electric oven for recommended time. NEVER use an oven that is used for food.

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