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Liquid Ice Polishing Compound Quart

Item #12019 Brand: Norton

Removes scratches and swirl
marks; produces high-gloss finish

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Replacement Liquid Ice Polishing Compound for your Liquid Ice Finishing System helps create a beautiful high-gloss finish

  • Removes sanding scratches
  • Removes polish swirl marks
  • Produces a high-gloss finish
  • 1-quart bottle

You already have one of our Liquid Ice Finishing Systems (51561 or 51562), and you must use it a lot because you're back for more Liquid Ice Polishing Compound to use with your original kit!

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About Liquid Ice Polishing Compound Quart

Creating a flawless high-gloss finish is easy using this Liquid Ice Compound with the 3 pads included in your original 51561 or 51562 kit, and also sold separately (click on "Accessories" tab).

MSDS Sheet

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12019 Liquid Ice Extra Cut Polish, Quart


51561Z 6" Complete Liquid Ice Finishing System
51562Z 6" Complete Liquid Ice Finishing System with DeWalt Polisher
12016 White Foam Pad (6")
12015 Blue Foam Pad (6")
12014 Wool Pad (6")
12017 Hook & Loop Backing Plate
29981Z Norton Detailer Spray


Use in a well-ventilated area. Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection.

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