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Blast Media Selection

Abrasive blasting has been used for many years to clean and remove rust, paint and corrosion. There are many types of abrasive media available, the most common being Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, and Glass Bead. These media have an aggressive cut and can rapidly remove paint and rust. However, they can also generate significant heat, potentially resulting in warped metal and etched surfaces, and they cannot be used on fiberglass. Also, chrome, plastic, rubber, trim, and other parts must be removed from the car or masked-off before blasting.

Alternatively, less-aggressive media, such as Walnut Shell, will do a great job at removing paint. Walnut Shell does not generate as much heat as other media, and can be used on sheet metal and fiberglass without damaging the base material. However, Walnut Shell as with any abrasive media, will require more clean-up as it leaves particles in the car body's seams and crevices that can be difficult to completely remove.

This simple table will make it easy to find the correct media no matter what surface you are blasting, and what you are trying to remove

Media Part # PSI Removal of Carbon, Rust, Paint Paint Removal, no rust (sheet metal) Paint removal, no rust (heavy metal) Paint Prep Transmission/ Engine Cleaning Brazing/ Welding Prep Glass Etching/ Frosting

Cleaning Alum/Brass/ Diecast

Glass Bead 22023 60 Good Good - Good Good Better Good Better
Aluminum Oxide 22021 80-90 Best - Good Best - Good Better -
Silicon Carbide 22019 80-90 Better - - Better - Best Best -
Walnut Shells 22018 80 - Better - - Best - - Better