One of the large projects many home hobbyists tackle is stripping paint. Paint can be stripped by mechanical methods (sanding), chemicals, or media blasting. Removing paint allows you to see what is hiding beneath the skin, and my general rule is that if the paint is not original and not in sound shape, I strip the vehicle to bare metal.

Throughout my various projects, I've used chemical paint removers, media blasting, and sanding with my angle grinder. My preference for removing paint on large panels is Eastwood's Cleaning and Stripping Disc System. This system allows you to quickly remove multiple layers of paint and clean off rust. The cleaning disc is more aggressive and leaves an 80-grit finish on metal, while the stripping disc leaves a less-aggressive 320-grit finish.

This VW deck lid had original paint and a re-spray that was not in the best of shape. To get it down to bare metal, I used the 4.5" system. This allowed me to strip the outside of the deck lid to bare metal in about 20 minutes. To protect the bare metal, I like to give a quick rinse with Eastwood Metal Wash which will help prevent flash rust for up to three weeks, giving me time to put the piece in Eastwood Epoxy primer.

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Mount the backing pad and cleaning disc to your angle grinder.   Be sure to wear the proper safety equipment and let the paint removal begin.   Rust and paint quickly removed – full decklid was stripped and ready for primer in about 20 minutes

4 1/2" Cleaning / Stripping Disc System or 7 Inch Cleaning / Stripping Disc System

This kit includes 1 cleaning disc which leaves an 80 grit finish, 5 stripping discs which leave a 320 grit finish, and 1 cushioned backing pad to fit standard 5/8" x 11" angle grinder.
This old VW decklid had the original paint and one respray – the paint needs to come off.