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Curing the Powder

Loading Part into the Oven

Make sure the path to the oven is clear and oven is up to the required cure temperature. Now, using a pair of pliers (if necessary) and wearing leather faced Buffing Gloves (#31010), place the part in the oven. Be sure not to bump or disturb the powder. See photo.

Curing the Powder Finish

Cure the part in the oven for the time indicated on the powder container (usually 20minutes). Note: Larger parts may require additional time for a complete cure. During the cure process the powder gradually melts, changing from a dull flat finish to a smooth gloss finish. When coating parts such as intake manifolds or wheels keep checking every 5 minutes until you see the powder start to gloss over. When the entire part completely glosses over, cure for an additional 20 minutes. If after 35 minutes the coating hasn't flowed out see the trouble shooting section. Make sure you have an accurate timing system. If parts are left in the oven too long, the coating may become rough and will need to be removed and redone.

Safety Note: Always cure powder in a well-ventilated area and wear an activated charcoal respirator while curing to protect against unpleasant fumes. Once the curing is complete, allow the part to cool down gradually by turning the oven off and opening the door slightly.

Note: Cooling too quickly may dull the sheen of some finishes.

Tip: If after curing you notice some areas have been missed, you can recoat the entire part or use our 1-Shot Lettering enamels for touch up. If necessary to improve gloss, or level slight orange peel, cured powder can be wet sanded with 400 grit wet or dry paper and compounded to a high luster with conventional paint polishes or buffed using White Rouge on a Loose Section buffing wheel. Keep the part moving during buffing because localized heat build up will cause melting and leave a rough surface.

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