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Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Description of Product Parts
Before You Start
Remove all items from the box. Compare with list of contents to make sure unit is complete.

Description of parts and function:

  • Model 198 HotCoat® Powder Coating Gun: applies a wide range of specially formulated powder coatings.
  • 34066 Disposable Filter: removes contaminants down to 1 micron from the air supply. Supplements existing moisture trap.
  • 10198B Cup: holds powder (fill 1-2 inches from bottom of cup)
  • Discharge Tube: fluidizes powder
  • Pick Up Tube: provides exit of fluidized powder to nozzle
  • Complete HotCoat™ Power Supply unit with Leads: converts
  • 110-120VAC to 9KVDC (no user serviceable parts)
  • Activation Switch: Applies voltage to Emitter: hold-on, release-off

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