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Required Items

Before you use the HotCoat Powder Coating System make sure you have the following:

  • You will need an electric oven or toaster oven large enough to fit the parts you will be coating. Do not use an oven used for food preparation or located in a living area! Do not use a gas oven.
  • An air supply source for the gun. A modest air compressor capable of at least .5 cfm at 5-8 psi (our Airbrush Compressors (#11607 & #11609) works great).
  • You can even use a portable air tank with regulator.
  • A clean, safe, well-lit, well-ventilated work area (see safety guidelines).
  • An activated charcoal respirator like our Professional Respirator (#34229).
  • A pair of Goggles (#43090) to provide eye protection during coating and gun cleaning operations.

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