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Eastwood STRONGLY recommends
you read the entire manual before using.

Work Area Setup
Set up work area to allow for good ventilation.

You must have access to an electric oven or toaster oven other than the one used for food, as mildly toxic fumes are liberated from the powder while curing. Used ovens can be found in appliance centers, news papers, and yard sales. The oven must be in good working condition.

Containing the powder
Put down a clean tarp to collect powder dust for easy cleanup. Do not use a vacuum unless it is equipped with an explosion-proof motor.

Electrical Supply
Use a convenient grounded 110-120VAC outlet or heavy-duty extension cord to plug in the 6' power cord. NOTE: Unit must be grounded to work properly and safely!

Air Supply
Need convenient access to an air line from a portable regulated air tank or air compressor capable of being regulated down to less than 10 psi. The gun uses less than .5 cfm at 8 psi, so a modest compressor will suffice.

Store unit and powder in a clean, dry area no hotter than 80° F.

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