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How to Get Extra Mileage Out of Your HotCoat® System

Now that you have your HotCoat® Powder-Coating System, why stop at powder-coating car parts? How about putting a tough, durable finish on that old lawnmower deck? Or your kid's rusty Tonka® Trucks, or the Tonka Truck you're restoring for your desk. Fishing equipment, camp equipment, boating equipment, gardening equipment and household hardware such as sink faucets and doorknobs are all excellent examples of where HotCoat® will come in handy. That trailer hitch on your pickup, too. Not to mention farm equipment.

Rule of thumb: if the part is metal and can withstand 400°F, then HotCoat® can beautify and protect it, provided the part will fit in your dedicated oven. For larger parts, use the Eastwood Infrared Powder Curing System. Let us know about any interesting applications where you've used HotCoat.