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Replacement Parts, Consumables & Accessories

Replacement Parts, Consumables & Accessories

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Abrasive Blaster Replacement Parts

Shop at Eastwood for high-quality accessories to repair your sandblasting equipment. Abrasive media doesn’t just grind away on metal panels and body components. Inevitably, the parts inside your blasting cabinet, pressure blaster and blasting gun will wear out after a certain amount of use. The good news is that we carry a variety of replacement parts for media blasting. Use these accessories to do standard maintenance and repairs or upgrade your setup for even more effective parts cleaning. They were developed in-house specifically for use on Eastwood blast cabinets and pressure blasting tanks.

Media Blast Cabinet Repair

Dozens of parts are available to fix your blasting setup. Get an Eastwood Blast Cabinet Foot Pedal and Gun to replace a worn-out model or experience this simple blasting method. Replacement sandblast guns are available along with air jets, nozzles, valves and hoses. Make sure you have a clear view of a blasting project by getting new lighting assemblies, glass viewing windows and tear-off film. We also carry safety supplies such as dust collection systems and gloves. A few of the accessories that add functionality to a blast cabinet are leg extensions and extra air pipes. Need a way to do milder metal clean-off? Add the Soda Blasting Retro Fit Kit to any pressure blaster in less than 15 minutes.

DIY Sandblasting Solutions

Eastwood is a pioneer in at-home media blasting, and we continue to set the bar for affordable equipment and accessories. We don’t just sell you the blaster — we help you keep it in great shape with our assortment of replacement parts. Visit the Eastwood tech library for all the expert information you need about abrasive blasting, from frequently asked questions to blast media selection. All purchases come with lifetime tech support and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.