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Siphon Media Blasters

Abrasive Media Pressure Blasters

Siphon blasting is an easy and inexpensive way to get started in media blasting. Eastwood's Small Part Blasting Kits are a good way to strip rust and paint from small parts, without the need for a large air compressor.

Eastwood Media Blaster Starter Systems

We love abrasive blasters at Eastwood - but we also know that a full machine and hopper aren't for everyone. Some auto hobbyists just don't have the money for a pressure blaster, while others don't need them often enough to justify the expense. That's why we've designed siphon blasters that are perfect for small jobs, spot rust stripping and occasional use. They are designed to attach directly to your existing home air compressor, instantly turning it into an abrasive blaster gun. You can save money while getting the benefits of this metal stripping method by choosing a siphon system for removing rust and paint.

Siphon Blaster Gun Kits

We offer multiple ways to make a spot blaster a part of your toolkit. The Blast Out of a Bucket kit contains a suction hose that connects the gun and air compressor plus a pick-up tube that drops into a bucket full of blast media. We sell 10-pound buckets of glass and soda media just right for this application. The Speed Blast Gravity Feed system has a small container attached to the gun that holds just enough media for spot work. And you don't even need an air supply if you have our liquid media blaster. This model connects to a pressure washer and uses the pressurized water for abrasive removal with no dust.

Metal Stripping for Home Users

With a siphon gun blaster, you'll have just enough power to the little jobs that sometimes pop up in the garage. It's also a low-cost way to try out sandblasting or soda blasting before you decide if it's the best solution for your shop work. The R&D team is always looking at new potential products to affordably remove old coatings your way. It's part of our four-decade loyalty to the needs of automotive fanatics with great supplies and better service.