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We wanted to name this ground-breaking new product after our favorite Country & Western singer, but this well-endowed woman works from "9 to 5" and our lawyers wouldn’t let us. They may have kept us from doing what we wanted, but THEY CAN’T STOP YOU!
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Two Blasters in one - Soda and Media!
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The new Eastwood Dual Blaster is the best of both worlds. You can now select and combine media to suit the job.

  • Switch between soda and abrasive in seconds or mix at an infinite ratio between the two medias.
  • The exclusive mixing valve allows on the fly mixing or selection between the two abrasives and allows you to cut blasting times in half.
  • Use soda media to remove coatings on delicate substrates such as fiberglass, chrome, stainless, etc.
  • Blast through heavy scale, rust or multiple coatings by quickly switching to abrasives such as crushed glass, glass bead, aluminum oxide, etc.
  • This machine is a must for the serious home hobbyist.