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Eastwood Black 4:1 Urethane Primer and Activator

Item #14003ZPA Urethane Primer black

Fills well, sands easily and provides excellent color holdout for all top coats
  1. EW 4:1 Urethane Primer Black Gal
    Item #14003ZPA
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  2. Eastwood 2K 4:1 Urethane Primer Activator Quart
    Item #50241ZP

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Both Primer and Catalyst are required for a 4:1 mix


Eastwood Urethane primer is a two-component surfacer designed for overall jobs.

  • Mixes 4:1 with 50241ZP Activator
  • Fills well and builds quickly
  • Dries fast and easy to sand
  • Apply over epoxy primer, body filler, existing finishes

It fills well, sands easily and provides excellent color holdout for all top coats. Mixes 4:1 with 50241 ZP catalyst. May be applied over Eastwood Epoxy primers, old paint, body filler & even bare metal. Ideal for block sanding in 3-4 hrs after application. When primer is mixed 4:1 with activator it makes 5 spray-able quarts. Primer is VOC 4.8 lbs per gallon.

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About Eastwood Black 4:1 Urethane Primer and Activator

After shaking/stirring primer, thoroughly mix four parts 2K Urethane Primer Sur- facer with one part Urethane Primer Activator

To reduce film build, 4:1 mixture may be cut by up to 20% with a urethane-grade reducer or other appropriate solvent product. Doing this may also improve the flow and leveling of primer. Eastwood suggests using a Zero -VOC reducer to avoid potential compliance issues. Use caution in mixing materials as epoxy primer may begin to gel after approximately two hours (at 70 °F).

HVLP Gun: Fluid Tip 1.4-1.6 mm Spray Pressure 25-30 psi
Conventional Gravity: Fluid Tip 1.4-1.6 mm Spray Pressure 40-50 psi
Conventional Siphon: Fluid Tip: 1.4-1.8 mm Spray Pressure 40-50 psi

Eastwood 2K Urethane Primer Surfacer should be applied in two medium wet coats, with a 10-15 minute flash period between each (at 70 °F). Typically, two coats is enough to achieve the desired 2 mil. dry film thickness, though more material may be applied as needed.

Urethane Primer Surfacer may be topcoated after approximately 30 minutes, or up to 18 hours (at 70 °F with sufficient cross-ventilation), with no additional prep required. After 18 hour recoat window, primer MUST be sanded prior to topcoat application for adhesion purposes.

May be wet sanded after 2-3 hours, or block sanded (dry) after 3-4 hours.


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Use in well ventilated area Always wear eye, skin and repiratory protection Consult MSDS and Product Data Sheet for specific saefty instructions


Made in USA

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