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Eastwood Contour SCT® Abrasive Drum 4.5 inch

Item #21171 Brand: Eastwood

Heavy paint or rust removal abrasive drum
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The Eastwood Contour SCT® Abrasive Drum is to be used for heavy paint or rust removal applications. Each drum is 4 inches wide and 4.5 inches in diameter. 40% more abrasive material than the original SCT Abrasive Drum for longer life.

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One 4.5" Abrasive Drum


4.5" Diameter Drum
Nylon and Black Silicon Carbonate
Max RPM 4000


Always wear ANSI approved protecion equipment when using this type of tool. Never attempt to replace a SCT Drum with unit plugged in. Make sure to fully read and understand the instruction manual for this tool before use.


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