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Eastwood Plasma Cutting Table

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You won't have to plasma-cut with your work piece on a concrete floor

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Metal-fabricating jobs are easier when your work atop Eastwood's Plasma Cutting Table.

  • Rock-sturdy, carbon steel
  • Supports up to 250 lbs.
  • 23 replaceable slats
  • 32"H x 21"W x 30" L

This Slatted-top, steel cutting table is the place to support your work piece while plasma-cutting or welding—it lets you cut and work at a comfortable height (unlike your concrete shop floor), and the slat-support spacing allows arcs and sparks from your welder or plasma cutter to penetrate.

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About Eastwood Plasma Cutting Table

32 inchH x 21 inchw x 30 inch L work table. Supports 250lb items in 23 to 1 inch cutting supports that are replacable. Assure safe, ergonomic plasma cutting or welding


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Replacable slat kit avaible


always wear appropriate eye, face, hand, arm and body protection when using table and plasma cutting


365 days warranty. Imported


32 inch h x 21 inch w x 30 inch l worktable with repalcable 1 inch deep x 1/16 inch wide supports. Table has 23 supports to handle items up to 250 lbs for stable cutting, forming or welding

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