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Degreasing complex mechanical assemblies such as engines, transmissions, carburetors or even entire engine compartments typically requires the use of a degreasing solvent, brushing and or pressure washing. These methods can be messy and time consuming. Removing carbon and combustion deposits from internal components represents an even greater challenge

There is another alternative rapidly increasing in popularity in the form of Soda Blasting using Bicarbonate of Soda, more commonly known as “Baking Soda”,. The technology is fairly recent having been developed in the mid 80’s primarily for the purpose of cleaning the Statue of Liberty inside and out, a delicate task requiring effectiveness without damage. This same method allows the user to gently and quickly strip away thick grease accumulations, carbon and fuel deposits, old paint and more without damage to precision mechanical assemblies, seals, wiring, and electrical components. It is completely harmless on aluminum components such as pistons and intake manifolds. In fact, we blasted the printing from a soda can leaving the bare aluminum surface like it was never even coated!

The Eastwood Company now offers the benefit of lightweight and portable equipment easily obtainable to the user who wishes to strip heavy grease deposits, paint, fuel stains and more from fully assembled underhood areas or disassembled parts.

Perhaps the best feature of soda is the fact that it is completely inert and water soluble saving a great deal of clean up time when the job is done. Of course the proper steps should be taken to recover removed paint or grease particles before blowing or washing the dust away.